The #1 Most Important Metric For Your AdWords Campaign

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How much money are you wasting on poorly performing Google AdWords campaigns every day? According to research by Hubspot, companies that track their inbound marketing efforts are 17-times more likely to see a positive return on investment (ROI) than companies that don’t effectively track performance and results. However, only 53% of companies track their AdWords return on investment (ROI). That means...

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How to Solicit Feedback from Prospects and Customers

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My wife and I are just waking up in a small bed and breakfast in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, which is about four hours away from picking up our 14-year-old son from summer camp. We hope he’s had a great time, but since we haven’t received a letter since his second day, we really have no idea. That’s not entirely true. If he were miserable, he would have written to complain. In this...

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My Most Embarrassing (And Effective) Productivity Technique

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This article by Howie Jacobson was originally posted on Fast Company. Sometimes getting more productive isn’t about fixing your own dysfunction–it’s about figuring out how to subvert it. The following is a transcript of an actual conversation that went on in my head at 6:15 p.m. on January 1, 2013: Vicious Inner Critic (VIC): Why aren’t we writing more articles for Fast Company?...

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How To Develop Strong Time-Management Habits, Even If You’ve Failed In The Past

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This article by Howie Jacobson was originally posted on Fast Company. The true reason smart, creative, and motivated people spend time on low-value busywork at the expense of the big-picture stuff. My client Felix (not his real name) was complaining to me about wasting huge amounts of time during his work week. An energetic, goal-oriented entrepreneur, he found himself doing technical and administrative...

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Google Search Plus Your World: The Peer to Peer Evolution Continues

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This article by Howie Jacobson was originally posted on Search Engine Watch. Google now sprinkles Google+ results into general search results, in an initiative they’ve dubbed “Google Plus Your World.” Webmasters and SEO experts have been arguing heatedly about why Google is doing this (most point to potential revenue enhancement and the possibility of world domination through the marginalization...

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